Grooming Packages


HydroSurge Bath, Fluff Dry, Brush Out, Ears, Nails and Private Area Trim.

Groom Package

HydroSurge Bath, Fluff Dry, Brush Out, Ears, Nails, Full Cut or De-Shedding Treatment.

Touch Up

Nails, Eyes & Private Area Trim


Plaque removal, brush and fresh breath spray.

Hand Stripping

HydroSurge Bathing

Every Groom will receive a Hydro Surge bath. HydroSurge bathing is a unique system that produces a combing flow of shampoo and water through a hand held pulsating sprayer. The gentle bathing penetrates through the coat cleaning and generates a relaxing calm experience. Soft jet action removes loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. Pets love the spa like treatment!

HydroSurge bathing is also an effective aid in treatment for dry, flaking, itching and irritated skin. Veterinary Dermatologists use HydroSurge bathing systems to treat many common skin diseases. HydroSurge will greatly enhance the effectiveness of medicated shampoos, flea dips or other coat and skin treatments. It gently stimulates blood circulation and aids in follicular flushing. Your pet will feel calm relaxed and refreshed and helps control shedding by up to 80%.

I consider every Dog separately. When pricing I take the following factors into consideration:
Size of the dog
Grooming history
Stage of the coat and its condition
Thickness of the coat
Medical Conditions
Dog's age
Dog's behavior

I need to consider these factors as they determine the levels of work required. I do not want to overcharge you neither do I wish to underestimate the work. Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog to me. If your dog is matted or requires extra work I will give you a price on top of the Groom Package price.

NB: If dogs require lots of grooming due to knots, mats or excessive dead hair then the price may increase.
NB: Puppy's must be fully vaccinated, the puppy price is up to 20 weeks old.