Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Sparkle Therapy

Whether it's a Pooches Party or a Wedding Dance they're attending, your dog will be red carpet ready with a special sparkle treatment. A shimmer spray (non-permanent and safe for pets).

Tea Tree Bath

The perfectly balanced formula including Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat-germ Oil and Peppermint Oil, is designed to gently comfort the skin as it cleans and de-greases the coat. For many years Tea Tree has been widely used for its soothing, cooling and anti-bacterial properties. This treatment will calm the skin while rejuvenating your dog.

Blueberry Facial

Weir Black Belt AcademyThe Original Blueberry tearless face wash is a refreshing and hydrating facial scrub to cleanse and soothe. It has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove dirt and unsightly tear stains around the eyes and mouth. The treatment includes a relaxing head massage.

Mandarin & Thyme Conditioning Treatment

A fresh soothing conditioner for even the most sensitive skin. The mandarin fruit and thyme herb based conditioner adds lustre and softness to the dogs coat creating a radiant glow and giving a long lasting shine.

Oatmeal and Aloe Soothing Bath

Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo is used to help relieve skin irritations, moisturise dry, itchy skin and replenish dry, dull coats.


Dogs feet are tough but not indestructible. An oatmeal and vitamin soak followed by and oatmeal and coconut pad massage and wax. This treatment helps to soothe and heal pads damaged by salt and gravel and helps to keep paws and pads soft preventing cracks.